Honorary Co-Hosts

Gary Park has served as President of University of North Carolina Hospitals (UNCH) in Chapel Hill, North Carolina since March 2004. UNCH is an academic medical center with 804 licensed beds.  The hospital system is comprised of 1260 beds and approximately 10,000 employees. Park previously served as Executive Vice-President and Chief Operating Officer of Moses Cone Health System from October 1997 until December 2000. He also served as President of Wesley Long Community Hospital from November 1992 until September 1997 when Wesley Long merged with Moses Cone.Prior to his position at Wesley Long, Park was President of Thomas Memorial Hospital in South Charleston, West Virginia from 1986 to 1992.

As president of UNC Hospitals he is especially grateful that UNC Hospitals sponsors so many programs and services to assist their employees and visitors. He knows that the recession has been particularly difficult for Healthcare employees, especially those in domestic violence situations. He has been very supportive of the Beacon team in its role with UNC Health Care’s Domestic Violence Team (DVT).

In 2010, the DVT assisted 26 employees. In 2009, it helped 33 employees. Mr. Park and his wife, Cindy, have four children and are active members of the community. They look forward to seeing everyone at the event to support the Beacon Program.

Don & Kathy Rice and Mary & Dave Dickinson

Hosts: Molly Maid of Chapel Hill and Ms. Molly Foundation

Molly Maid of Chapel Hill and the Ms. Molly Foundation are proud to be the hosts of the Silent (No More!) Auction.  Molly Maid of Chapel Hill has been actively involved in supporting domestic violence awareness, prevention and aid to victims in our community since 1999.  The Ms. Molly Foundation was formed in 1996 to offer a way for Molly Maid businesses across the country, to become actively involved in local domestic violence agencies.  They are happy to partner with the Beacon Program in support of patients and employees impacted by domestic violence, elderly abuse/neglect and child abuse.

Dave and Mary Dickinson, owners of Molly Maid of Chapel Hill, are passionate about their commitment to support domestic violence agencies in our community.  It’s a perfect fit for a Molly Maid business that employs mostly women.  They know that 1 in 4 women in our country will be impacted at some time during their lives by domestic violence. They believe that providing assistance to victims of domestic violence requires special care and attention.  They know that when they seek support that the women and their families are often caught between a rock and a hard place.  The work can be so sad at times, yet also so fulfilling when they can be helped.

Dave and Mary are on the Board of Directors of the Ms. Molly Foundation.  They have been the catalyst for expanding participation in the Ms. Molly Foundation by over 500%.

Kathy and Don Rice, Dave’s daughter and son-in-law, are buying Molly Maid of Chapel Hill over the next few years.  Please take a minute to meet them.  They too are completely dedicated to carrying on the tradition of supporting domestic violence agencies in our community.